Monday, June 8, 2009

Look at the pics people!! There is proof in front of your faces!!! I am not trying to hurt anybody including Ryan and Rachel!! Those pics were not real!! I have no info because I was soo furious at the time and in a rush to get this up! The only people being hurt are those who believe her story! Can't you see the pics??? I have a family and children too! You are all being lied to! You want my infi I will gladly make a profile


  1. i see what you're trying to do! I was wondering if you have called "PASS Pregnancy care center" in IL- "D" said in his last message that they received all the donations. Has anyone called them? They have a # listed.

  2. I truly, truly hope that none of this is true. But that doll looks enough like April Rose to merit a response/explanation to a lot of confused, loyal readers who have prayed for them!